Black Owls


No one, in my opinion, designs cooler band posters than my pal David Butler. Drummer/Lead Vocalist for the Ohio-based band Black Owls, Dave puts the same edge, attitude and gritty flair into his design work as he does in his music. Look for the Black Owls in the S/S issue of Refueled magazine that drops in May.


Ed said...

The most remarkable thing is they only get better with each new work.

The only problem we have is that they are often stolen from the walls of the clubs long before we make our appearance. -Ed Shuttleworth /guitarist, Black Owls

JWBM said...

The Black Owl posters are always so awesome!

But, yeah, people do steal them, hence, why Brews Cafe (Granville, OH) had to start putting the posters up really high or near the bar.

Belle Isle said...

These are very cool. My favorite is still these guys, though:
They're out of Detroit...must be Great Lakes water makes great bands and great poster designers.