Issue Soundtrack


Music has always played a huge part in not only the content of Refueled magazine but also in the overall vibe & look of each issue. While pulling concepts, contributors and ideas together, and starting the design/layout of a whole new look, I began listening to a group of songs, over and over. It seems the new issue began taking on a “road movie” feel - and with each trip I took to gather and collaborate that vibe stuck harder and deeper. Download these tracks, make a mix tape and enjoy a summer on the road, and get buried deep in the vibe of Refueled magazine’s spring/summer 2010 issue this May.

Refueled Magazine - Issue Five Soundtrack:

1. Monahans “Along My Shores”
2. Steppenwolf “Born to Be Wild”
3. Gomez “Airstream Diver”
4. REM “Low Desert”
5. Bob Dylan “It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)
6. Gram Parsons “Six Days on the Road”
7. Centro-Matic “Fountains of Fire”
8. Dawes “When My Time Comes”
9. Wilco “Passenger Side”
10. The Byrds “Wasn’t Born to Follow”

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