From collateral such as Pendleton wool blankets, stationery and correspondence stock, gift certificates, turntable slipmat, notebooks, beverage accessories and room key cards to signage, press kits, products and print ephemera - The Official Manufacturing Company is producing some of the hippest work for one of the coolest hotels, the Ace.

The Official Manufacturing Company is Mathew Foster, Fritz Mesenbrink & Jeremy Pelley. They are thing makers. After having separately worked for some years at Wieden+Kennedy and Ace Hotel, then out on their own freelancing, they wound up in a studio together and realized how much better it could be.

Being both a designer and publisher, one of my favorite pieces for the Ace is the Sonic Youth Zine. Ace Hotel wanted to collaborate with Sonic Youth in recognition of their album The Eternal. The idea was to make a guide for each city that has an Ace Hotel, curated by each member of the band. They wanted it to feel like a fan zine, so they made it feel very lo-fi, which I really dig.

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