Levi's Workshops


This summer Levi's opened up their doors for the first of what will hopefully be many Workshops scattered across our fair country.

The Workshops are places for creation, inspiration, and collaboration. Levi's is excited to bring the first of these experiences to life right in their own backyard. Located in San Francisco's iconic Mission District (home to one of the first Levi's® factories), they've opened up a community print shop. During July and August they'll be hard at work teaching classes on classic letterpress machinery, screenprinting designs, setting type, and getting their hands dirty.

The Levi's® Workshops have mapped out a series of collaborations with local businesses and community groups to create original artwork and inspired designs that honor their respective passions and ideals. You can see the full schedule of events on their calendar.

They'll also be working with other Bay Area pioneers. These are folks who have inspired others and trod down the not so beaten paths on a mission to do something different and challenge convention.

As the world has become more reliant on conveyor belts and less on individual craftsmanship as the norm of production, one might be forgiven for believing something integral to the process has been lost. Speed is no substitute for elbow grease, though, and pride and hard work are resilient qualities. This is what Levi's® Workshops are meant to be about. And in an age where anyone with a computer and an opinion can disseminate their thoughts on the internet in just a few minutes, the time is ripe for a return to the roots of meaningful communication. Levi's® will provide the means, you need to provide the heart and sweat.

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