American Gothic


I know her as a sweet and generous dear friend - but to the fashion world she is a pioneer of the “slow clothing” movement by adopting regional, organic suppliers and sustainable practices well before they were fashionable. With the launch of her 2010 Fall/Winter collection & a new web presence, I asked Natalie Chanin three simple questions, while we both drank vodka, fresh peach puree and a splash of prosecco - her new favorite drink.

What was the inspiration for you incredible Fall/Winter collection?
I was trying to capture the colors and textures of the early evening.

What was the process for putting together the color palette?
This always takes time for me. I was feeling very “dark” – in a positive way, if that is possible.

Who shot the look book?
This season was truly a collaboration between Lisa Eisner, Commune, Robert Rausch and Wyatt Toll -
who made that beautiful film.

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