{Automatic Buzz} Isaac Russell


While planning the Refueled trip to NYC to collaborate with Levi's on the Refueled Levi's® Portrait Series, I thought it would be rad to shoot an {Automatic Buzz} session in the incredible workshop space too.

We found that word had spread of how the {Automatic Buzz} series was capturing raw moments with musicians and stylemakers. Lisa Michelson Sonkin, Vice President/Triple A & Public Radio Promotion, Columbia Records, emailed to let us know that newly signed Isaac Russell would be in New York the same time as myself and Refueled senior photographer Gustav Schmiege. One thing led to another and we found ourselves setting up in the Levi's® Photo Workshop with one of the most incredible young singer/songwriters I had heard in a very long time. What we captured that day was a very personal, emotional performance. The day was full of laughter and we all felt we had formed a life long friendship.

The day was also full of surprises. When we arrived at the workshop, there was a huge crowd in the main studio, each sectioned off in their own little photography set - shooting, gathering, hanging out, music pumping. We reminded the workshop crew that our shoot required a quiet space, as it involved audio for an acoustic performance. They replied that they had us scheduled in the downstairs studio space, which allowed for more privacy with a bit less noise. We said “Great”. Dan Connor, manager of the workshop said "Hope you don't mind a little nudity" as there was a fashion shoot going on in the space next to where we would be. It's New York, Refueled is about style, no problem. What we had pictured in our heads started to dissolve away as we made our way downstairs. I think Isaac put it best that same night during his performance at Sullivan Hall as he told the audience his day in New York. "I spent today shooting a video at the Levi's® Photo Workshop with the guys from Refueled magazine" he explained, "We shot next to a nude set. Let me say that they weren't exactly Playboy models. They were more like Craig's List girls".

Photos by Gustav Schmiege


Bill said...

Isaac Russell = some serious musical horsepower.

Anonymous said...

If you guys like this type of music you should check out Aaron Stephens. He has a song Gone Away that's kind of similar to this sound. Both very talented guys!