Imogene+Willie owners, Carrie & Matt Eddmenson.

Vintage gas station turned shop.

The Barton Rigid Jean.

The Gladys Chambray.

Three frames from "Love Fades" photo series.

Pals Matt & Carrie Eddmenson have overhauled Imogene+Willie's online presences. There is a great selection of denim for guys & gals which they are constantly fine-tuning for the best fits. Their jeans are made from premium Cone Mills selvage denim, woven in the USA on antique shuttle looms. While surfing through the new site, be sure and check out the collaboration between photographer Joshua Black Wilkins and Imogene+Willie titled "Love Fades". A cool photo series featuring clients and friends.

Look for Matt & Carrie in the up-coming 2010 Spring/Summer "Denim" issue of Refueled magazine.

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