SXAB South By {Automatic Buzz} Sessions


Refueled {Automatic Buzz} producer/director Chris Brown on set with Eisley.

Brown & Dan Layus of Augustana.

{Automatic Buzz} director of photography Gustav Schmiege shooting Amy Cook.

On the {Automatic Buzz} set with Burette & Gabrielle Douglas from The Cush.

At Ramble Creek Studio with Monahans.

Randy Reynolds of Leatherbag on {Automatic Buzz} set.

Anyone who truly LOVES, BREATHES, LIVES music and a rad time was in Austin, Texas last week for
SXSW. Concerts, showcases, big venues, small clubs, the sidewalks - music was everywhere. Huge names, indie mainstays, up & coming, hopefuls, the we’ll sees. Then there were the pre-parties, the after parties, backstage parties, stage side parties. Five days, little sleep, not enough H20 intake, needing to be in three places at one time - I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

Myself &
Refueled magazine senior photographer Gustav Schmiege descended upon Austin with a tight schedule. We were there to shoot raw, acoustic performances with an incredible line-up for Refueled magazine’s special {Automatic Buzz} project; SXAB South By {Automatic Buzz} Sessions.

Refueled magazine was also
present as sponsors for One Pulse Artists Group’s South By East Side & the Matchbox Showcase.

So, so many great people to thank. Our sponsors, Lauren Wilkins/
Bows+Arrows & Currie Person/Spartan. Everyone was talking about Refueled’s pop-up studio at Bows+Arrows/Spartan and the relaxed energy the store added to the vibe of the performances shot there. My rad wardobe for the week was also provided by Bows+Arrows. Thank you ladies.

Brian Bumbery & Nikki Herceg from Warner Bros., Boyd Dupree & Equal Vision Records, Isadora McKeon/Buckhouse Group, Spune, Famous Vodka, Hotel San Jose, Joe & Dana Slaughter for their amazing generosity, Gail Chovan & Evan Voyles.

Stay tuned for the release of SXAB South By {Automatic Buzz} Sessions. The plan is to release a video every week & a half or so. Three “Special Autographed Edition” DVD packages will be available in a Refueled
Facebook giveaway, to coincide with the release of the 2011 spring/summer issue of Refueled magazine.

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