Amy Cook {SXAB} South By {Automatic Buzz}™ Sessions


Amy Cook has premiered her new song “When I Wake Up” exclusively for the Refueled {Automatic Buzz}™ Sessions on Facebook. The film was shot at her Travis Heights home in Austin, Texas during the 2011 SXSW Festival.

The performance is part of the Refueled SXAB South By {Automatic Buzz}™ Sessions. Produced & directed by Chris Brown, with cinematographer Gustav Schmiege.

Amy Cook weaves the sounds of alt folk, pop, Americana, and rock and roll into a "moody and kick-ass" (Velvet Park) canopy of sound. With more than 20 song placements in TV and film (from Dawson's Creek, Felicity, Party of Five, Veronica Mars, MTV's Laguna Beach, to the thoughtful, Emmy-winning full-length documentary Amargosa, directed by Todd Robinson) Amy has cultivated a solid reputation as a talented songwriter.

" a brassier, dusty Deborah Harry." - David Fricke, Rolling Stone Magazine

Refueled is releasing a new film every week, leading up to the drop of the Spring/Summer issue no.07 of Refueled magazine. Refueled will be giving Facebook fans the chance to win three (3) "Special Autographed Edition" DVD packages from the SXAB South By {Automatic Buzz}™ Sessions.

Stay tuned. Next film? Monahans.

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