The Cush {SXAB} South By {Automatic Buzz}™ Sessions


The last film in the Refueled SX{AB} South By {Automatic Buzz} Sessions series, The Cush unplug for an acoustic rendition of “Tinseltown”. Produced & directed by Chris Brown, with cinematographer Gustav Schmiege.

In the time-honored tradition of husband/wife duos (think Yo La Tengo and Sonic Youth) providing the creative core and identity of a band, Burette and Gabrielle Douglas bring a sound and musical vision all their own to The Cush.

After fronting Buck Jones, a Dallas/Fort Worth-based noise pop band from 1993 to 2000, the Douglases decided it was time for a major change. Armed with wanderlust, big dreams, a batch of handcrafted psych-pop suites, and vintage tape delays and keyboards, The Cush relocated to the farthest reaches of Burlington, Vermont to release their self-titled debut album. The inspirational change of location and new musical direction proved fruitful for The Cush, and in 2006 they released their eagerly anticipated follow up album, New Appreciation for Sunshine on Undertow Records.

After a year of recording and touring between Vermont and Texas, 2010 found the band returning to its Lone Star roots with a move back to Fort Worth. “Just like the move to Vermont was heartfelt and very clear, it was the same thing with moving back to TX,” Gabrielle says. “Oh—this is what we’re supposed to be doing now.” In April of ’10 The Cush released its third self-recorded album, Between the Leaves. “I think our ‘space cadet country’ influence is still in there on some tracks, but as far as the psychedelic pop, I think this album is a little darker,” Burette assesses.

Over the years, The Cush has opened for artists including Cat Power, Broken Social Scene, Stars, Deerhoof, The Fiery Furnaces, Dead Meadow, Centro-matic, and James McMurtry, among many others.

Refueled will be giving Facebook fans the chance to win three (3) "Special Autographed Edition" DVD packages from the SXAB South By {Automatic Buzz}™ Sessions. Stay tuned.

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