Monahans {SXAB} South By {Automatic Buzz} Sessions


Refueled {Automatic Buzz} Sessions plugs in and turns up the volume with Monahans "Beat of a Thousand Drums".

The film premieres today on the band's website. Shot and recorded LIVE at Ramble Creek Studio during the 2011 SXSW Festival as part of the SXAB South By {Automatic Buzz} Sessions. Produced & directed by Chris Brown, with cinematographer Gustav Schmiege.

Not many, if any, have gained access into Monahans inner circle while recording, so Brown and Schmiege was stoked to be among the first to experience first-hand the band's incredible sound unfold before them.

Austin-based band Monahans, named for the desolate West Texas sand hills, balances thundering rhythms and atmospheric "landscape rock" with urgent pop anthems and spiritual campfire balladry (think Explosions In the Sky + R.E.M + Neil Young). Since their 2006 inception, Monahans have toured in support of Centro-matic and Cowboy Junkies, and played alongside the likes of J. Tillman & Magnolia Electric Co. Albums to date include Low Pining(2007, Undertow) and the 2009 Misra debut Dim The Aurora.

The current lineup includes Ramble Creek studio engineer/producer Britton Beisenherz, Roberto Sanchez and Greg Vanderpool (both former Milton Mapes members), and longtime Spoon bassist Joshua Zarbo.

Refueled is releasing a new film every week, leading up to the drop of the Spring/Summer issue no.07 of Refueled magazine. Refueled will be giving Facebook fans the chance to win three (3) "Special Autographed Edition" DVD packages from the SXAB South By {Automatic Buzz}™ Sessions.

Stay tuned. Next film? Leatherbag.

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