Roy Slaper//Jean Maker


Roy Slaper is a man who makes jeans. But, unlike most custom jean makers, he comes from a background devoid of interest in the history and trends in selvedge, custom, and specialty denim. Maybe that's what makes him and his jeans so appealing and his approach so uniquely refreshing. In an incredibly overly simplified 2-step history, Roy wanted to make jeans and then started.

Like most others who thrust themselves into industries in which they had no historical or background connection, it's the unrelated skills from the past that seem to be the most beneficial: both in setting them up for success and separating themselves from the crowd. Skateboarding, metal work, solitude, machining, precision, and practicality. That's where Roy began.

Grain & Gram is giving you the first article in their Exchange series: a long form conversation with Roy Slaper: jean maker. Read it here.

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