Billykirk X United States of Americana


{ Book Cover & Chris Bray from Refueled’s Levi’s Portrait Series. }

My NYC boys, the Bray brothers of Billykirk, are featured in the fascinating book United States of Americana: A Field Guide to the New American Roots Movement by Kurt B. Reighley. The book is a look at the hand-made and sustainable movements that are driving a resurgence in the community as a strengthening force. From canning parties, raising chickens, facial hair grooming and Burlesque to heritage. Old is definitely new.

Chris Bray says "United States of Americana reminds us of many things we need reminding of, inspiring us to reflect on our nation's heritage of values, the virtues of workmanship, and the pride in the achievement."

Billykirks section, Outsourcing to the Amish, is enlighting and refreshing.

Billykirk’s primary labor force isn’t exactly ultramodern. Much of their work is done by Amish craftsmen in Pennsylvania. The Amish adherence to tradition and commitment to a plain and simple way of life resonated with brothers Chris and Kirk Bray. “The Amish are about as ecofriendly you can get”, says Chris Bray.

Chris & Kirk are also featured in the newly released 2011 Spring/Summer “Modern Creatives” issue of Refueled magazine.

{ Spreads from Refueled Spring/Summer 2011 issue. }

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