Natalie Chanin X KYUR8


{ Images from KYUR8 // Issue 07 // September 2011 }

Natalie Chanin, aka Alabama Chanin, and I have this kind of “thing” going with each other right now. I dig what she does, and she’s diggin’ what I’ve been doing. It seems as of late we have been feeding off each other - with our work, our visions, this vibe. Besides the fact that we have been in constant contact with each other over the past few months, working together, sharing thoughts and ideas, planning a collaboration, and then the anticipation of her Texas tour, in which Refueled will be documenting the journey - our creative souls are in tune.

Stay tuned for our Refueled collaboration. Until then, check out Natalie’s guest editor spot with KYUR8 - a online magazine created and curated by RUDJ. She also has a new tumblr with inspiring images.

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