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Vintage goods/workwear store Extra in New York City is curated by proprietor Koji Kusakabe. A much respected vinatge hunter, Koji stocks Extra with collectibles and incrediable garments from Post Overalls.

Below is a excerpt from Chris Brown’s interview with Kusakabe for
Refueled Issue No.08.


Please talk about what vintage EXTRA carries.

We carry some vintage flight, motorcycle and denim jackets. In addition, we carry folk art, interesting found objects, light fixtures, small furniture, sunglasses, space guns and toys, vintage skateboards (roller surfing), Whole Earth catalogs, photography books, vintage workwear signs, blankets, quilts, blackboard map, paintings, totem poles, money clips, indian jewelry, vintage photos and vintage shoes and boots.

When did your interest in denim begin?

In the mid-'70's, I was interested in American brand jeans such as LEVI'S and Lee. After I came to the US, I became interested in vintage LEVI'S 501XX, Lee 101-J and old painter pants, etc. I discovered the color of indigo and realized the old ones had the best color.

You carry Post Overalls in the store. You're friends with Takeshi Ohfuchi, right?

Yes, I met Takeshi at a flea market in NYC around 1986 before he started Post O'Alls and we became friends. He gave me a 30's US Army denim shirt and introduced me to the world of workwear. One time we went looking for vintage dead stock together. We nearly spent one month in the car together searching for stuff.

What other brands are available, and how/why did you chose them?

I carry only Post O'Alls right now. I respect Takeshi's knowledge of vintage and his philosophy for making clothing. I've been wearing Post since 1993 since the company started. I don't wear replica brands or distressed made-to-look-old clothes. Even if Takeshi wasn't my friend, I would wear his clothes.


Read Koji’s complete online interview
HERE. For the printed, deluxe coffee table edition, purchase HERE.

Photography by Gustav Schmiege.

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