SXSW 2012 // Refueled


SXSW 2012 is upon us - March 13th - 18th.

Refueled’s publisher/creative director Chris Brown and senior photographer Gustav Schmiege will descend upon Austin, Texas for the most important and exciting music festival/showcase in the U.S.

Once again, Refueled will stage a pop-up sponsored by Arrow & Arrow, shooting sessions for the Refueled {Automatic Buzz} film series. Special packaging, limited-edition copies of Refueled Magazine, Issue no.08, will be available.

This year’s objective is three-fold. Along with the {Automatic Buzz} Series, Refueled will be shooting for the Wear&Where feature that will appear in the 2012 Summer issue of the magazine. Wear&Where will highlight creative folks from around the country with great style - not only in their personal fashion sense, but that which extends to their homes, work spaces or simply the city that surrounds them.

Lastly, Brown and Schmiege hope to have the chance to catch up & hangout with friends at some of the many incredible showcases/events such as the Refueled sponsored Tomb Tradition Showcase, Gram Parsons Foundation event, Ramble Creek Day Show, and the always amazing South X San Jose.

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