SXSW 2012 REcap


Refueled publisher/creative director Chris Brown with ZZ Top's Billy Gibbons.

Texas blues legend Jimmie Vaughan

Singer/songwriter Rachael Yamagata

Although folks come from all over the world to experience the music, films and modern technology of
SXSW, one is often reminded you are in the heart of the Lone Star state. Austin is a favorite hangout for Refueled staff - Amazing BBQ, Shiner Beer, rad hotels and legendary clubs. Texas has icons like Jimmie Vaughan, Barbara Lynn and that little ole band, ZZ Top - What’s not to love.

Refueled’s goal for the 2012 festival was two fold. Produce several acoustic sessions for the Refueled
{Automatic Buzz} Series (which included Rachael Yamagata, Harriet & Amy Cook) and shoot for the Wear&Where features to appear in the summer issue of Refueled magazine. It turned into quite a gathering. Along with senior photographer Gustav Schmiege, we also met up with Refueled Editor-at-Large Scott Toepfer and contributing photographer Laura Dart.

Special thanks and love goes out to Lauren Wilkins for once again sponsoring Refueled's pop-up stage at Arrow&Arrow, and to Cory L. Moore & Sam Citron.

Look for a staggered release of the {Automatic Buzz} sessions in the next few weeks.

Photos by Gustav Schmiege.

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