Refueled X Iron & Resin Collaboration


Refueled has always been about the collaborative nature of publisher/creative director Chris Brown - a nature and style that is strongly American rooted. Iron & Resin, a SoCal blue-collar beach town brand shares that same American spirit with their small collection of goods. Both brands come together to premiere their first collaboration. “Explore America”, a theme adopted from Refueled magazine’s 2011 Winter issue, is presented in a collection of American-made embroidered patches for jackets, workshirts, backpacks or caps.

 "Growning up in the 60's & 70's, I remember these great American themed patches on denim jackets and jeans - expressing peace, love, freedom and the spirit of exploration. Refueled has always been about hitting the open road and sharing what we discover. I see that same American spirit living on in Iron & Resin." - Chris Brown, Refueled Publisher/Creative Director

Purchase your set HERE.

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