Refueled Summer Must Read Guide


A lot of summer evenings are spent reading. When the heat of the day is letting up, I retreat to my personal man-cave with a stack of books. I settle in to a vintage canvas cot with a rolled mexican blanket headrest under a man made fort of thick wisteria. By a bright kerosene burning lantern, I’m set for hours and hours.

From fiction, autobiography, field guides to design, these picks are perfect summertime companions.

1. Hell’s Angels, Hunter S. Thompson
2. What Kinda Cactus Izzat?, Reg Manning
3. Beard, Matthew Rainwater
4. A Field Guide to Shells of the Pacific Coast & Hawaii, Percy A. Morris
5. On the Road; The Original Scroll, Jack Kerouac
6. Bound for Glory, Woody Guthrie
7. Boro, Kyouiti Tuzuki
8. The Graduate, Charles Webb
9. The Book of Deus, Deus ex Machina
10. The Surfers Guide to Baja, Mike Parise

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