Weekend Wear Series No.02 / Brian Awitan


What is Imogene+Willie wholesale director Brian Awitan wearing, carrying & riding this weekend? 

1. Vanson x House Industries Jacket. houseind.com
2. Filson Goatskin Gloves (from *Trove General). filson.com
3. Knucklecase Fone Cover. knucklecase.com
4. Imogene+Willie Pin. imogeneandwillie.com
5. RTH Cargo Pants. rthshop.com
6. Grievous Angel - Deus ex Machina - sr400. deuscustoms.com
7. Gas Station Bandana ( $0.99 with 8 gallons or more). tatravelcenters.com
8. Bell Custom 500 Matte Blk Lid. bellsports.com
9. Mooneyes Tee. mooneyesusa.com
10. Irregular Jumpboots. htcdenimdoctors.com

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