Chris Brown / Weekend Wear Series No.11 / Trans-Pecos Gathering of Music+Love Edition


What will Refueled publisher/creative director Chris Brown be wearing, carrying, drinking and playing at the 7th Annual Trans-Pecos Gathering of Music+Love in Marfa, Texas, Sept. 27th - 30th?

1. Levi's Vintage Clothing 1955 Sawtooth Denim Shirt. The high deserts of West Texas can become quite cool once the sun sets.
2. Kings County Distillery Whiskey. Although tequila and Mexican beers are the drinks of choice, I prefer the hand-crafted bourbon from New York City's oldest whiskey distillery (drank naked out in the desert plains of course, as outside spirits are not allowed at the gathering).
3. Billykirk No.240 Trucker Key FOB. They might not be Texans, but Chris & Kirk Bray are the leather kings.
4. Vintage "Open Road LBJ" Silverbelly Felt Cowbot Hat. Classic Texas style.
5. Vintage Mexican Serape Saltillo Blanket. Throw on the ground or wrap yourself up at night while listening to the likes of Li'l Cap'n Travis, Heartless Bastards, Kelly Willis, Amy Cook and Martie Maguire. Flea Market Find
6. Imogene+Willie Barton Rigid Jeans. I'm never without them.
7. Stanley & Sons Bandana / SS13. Use to wipe your brow or open a bottle of Shiner Bock.
8. Vintage Redwing Moc Toe Boots. Perfect in the desert sands, brush and mountains. Flea Market Find
9. Stanley & Sons Olive Twill Bank Bag. Carry your supplies on a hike through the near by Davis mountains.
10. Lanikai Tenor Ukulele. You can't sit around a fire (or a teepee) without one.
11. Levi's Vintage Clothing 1950's Sportswear Tee in Indigo. For hot days.

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