Refueled X MADE "Explore America"


MADE has teamed up with Refueled publisher/creative director Chris Brown for their first ever guest-curated collection, “Explore America". 

The MADE collection will run online from September 26th through October 10th, and features amazing goods from such people like Alabama Chanin, Strawfoot Handmade, Iron & Resin, Otis James, Ruell & Ray, 2ETN, Cobra Rock Boot Co., Corter, Fancy Pony Land & Marfa Brand.

Brown sat down with MADE partner/chief creative officer Dave Schiff to get the low down.

Why “MADE in the U.S.A.”?

Because it creates jobs. Because it provides swift kick in the ass to the us economy. Because it supports humane working conditions, ensures epa regulations are followed, and minimizes carbon footprint. All that, and you end up with the absolute finest product on the planet. That’s why.  

How is the MADE COLLECTION site different from other flash-sale sites?

Made collection is the first ever flash sale site that only sells us-made products. But there are other big differences, too. Rather than making backroom handshakes and then putting a bunch of overstock on the site, we comb America for the coolest stuff out there, and partner with the people who make it. It’s not like they are “vendors,” and we’re “the retailer.” We’re two organizations who give a shit, with our shoulder to the same plow.  And of course, there are “boom points.” When you browse products on our site, you’ll see that each product is accompanied by a map of where it’s made, the number of employees who work at the factory, and “boom points,” which are a representation of how much good purchase of the product would do for the us economy, based on a legit statistic called “the multiplier effect.” Boom points are both a game layer and a loyalty program, and as shoppers accrue them they can be redeemed for early access to new collections, free shipping, or a percentage off - all kinds of exclusive deals and offers. No other site has anything like it.

Take us through the process of advertising exec to MADE.

Imagine you spend your entire career convincing people to buy stuff, and then one day you come across a single statistic: If Americans bought just 1 percent more stuff made in America, it would create 200,000 jobs. It’s a pretty big holy shit moment. Because you realize, I can apply my skill set and win some awards, or I can apply my skill set and maybe some guy somewhere has a job, and can help support a family. And that’s pretty much how we got here.

How much of what you wear personally is MADE in the U.S.?

I’d say about 75 percent. Some categories are harder than others. Like in footwear, there are tons of cool boots and shoes out there, allen edmonds, red wings, etc. But when it comes to sneakers, new balance is about all that’s out there.  We have a few people who rock those, but not everyone can pull off that whole nerd chic thing. John and I are vans guys, and scott loves adidas. So we aren’t perfect, but this isn’t about every single thing you touch or wear being made in U.S.A. It’s about having a choice, and realizing all the good things that happen when you choose american. 

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