It's Like a Road Movie


Refueled Magazine Promo from Refueled Films on Vimeo.

For months I’ve been getting the same questions over and over, “What is the new issue of Refueled going to be like? Who’s in it? What’s the inspiration? Is there a theme or certain vibe?”.

The upcoming spring/summer issue, which drops in May, developed very organically. As I started putting together the story ideas, concepts, contributors, photographers, and layouts, it took on a definite “road movie” type of vibe. One idea flowed into another, one collaboration sparked another. This issue speaks to me more than any other - my soul is embedded deep within.

The underlining theme continues to be style, design and music - bringing that to the readers almost as an “installation” rather than a typical magazine. There will be a revamped look to the issue and website - a modern, cleaner look with a Refueled edge.

Who’s in it? This issue features amazing personalities and creative energy. Cover feature with One Trip Pass mastermind Jay Carroll, a Refueled “exclusive” look at the 2010 fall/winter collection from Alabama Chanin - shot by Joshua Black, filmmaker Jake Davis brings us inside his “Test Shot” series, Coupe magazine’s Bill Douglas talks “Editor X Editor” with me, Cicero DeGuzman Jr. delivers a rad “NYC Surf” style spread, a trip back to “June ‘71” with ohio-based Black Owls, surf photographer Jay Watson and more.

Not to be missed.

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