Refueled X SXSW


On Friday, March 19th, Refueled magazine will be out in full force at the Levi’s Fader Fort as part of the SXSW music, film, and interactive festival. Myself and the Refueled Films crew (Gus Schmiege & Lan Freedman) will be shooting for the “Behind-the-Cover” series. I’ll be sitting down with Levi’s new creative team member Jay Carroll, and talking about everything from his days as Rogues Gallery brand manager, his trips on the open road collecting for his amazing Americana installations to Levi’s cool new direction and how all of it plays into his blog One Trip Pass.

If you find yourself at the Fort, say hello, hang out with us, buy us some Salt Lick BBQ or some Southern Comfort, both Fort vendors, and maybe you’ll end up our new best friend. We have a full itinerary and I look forward to meeting as many Refueled readers as possible.

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