Master Smith


Refueled has always been about discovery and sharing the things and people I dig, so it’s always a honor when I run across like-minded folks who are sharing what they have discovered - namely, Refueled magazine.

Master Smith, a rad San Francisco/Berlin clothing label who specializes in vintage, military dead stock tees handstamped with logos and designs, often with vintage rubberstamps, shared the current issue of Refueled magazine on their inspiring blog.

Master Smith has a great passion for everything Naval. My father, having served in the U.S. Navy from Nov. 1951 - Sept. 1953, spent many campfire nights telling my brother and I stories about this days in the service, so I was insteadly drawn to what Master Smith is doing with vintage clothing. Some of my fondest memories as a child are wrapped around playing with my father’s Navy gear and dressing in his uniform and packing for camping trips with his Navy duffle bag. The reason for my sleeve of tats was directly inspired by my father’s Navy tattoos.

Thanks Master Smith for bring back cool memories and for sharing Refueled.

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