Made Well. Made Honest. Made Here.


Refueled pal Jay Carroll has been working on a new project for Levi’s titled MADE HERE. The series focuses on crafts people who create beautiful objects with passion, quality, and artisanship. While they all share a love of craftsmanship and a connection to their community, these artisans are as diverse as they are talented.

As part of MADE HERE you will find everything from handmade beaded leather moccasins made in Cave Junction, Oregon, by Carol Lindhorse, who has been perfecting her craft since she made her first pair of moccasins when she was 5, to intricately netted beach stone necklaces made in Stonington, Maine, by Tim Whitten, a trained engineer who turned his love of traditional maritime knot work into art.

Check it out.

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John said...

That's awesome. I think I have to add one of those to our macrame collection. Ugh, and we were just up that way last weekend. Nice work, Jay!