Quantity of One Style


WWII Swiss Army Pack
In beautiful condition for it's age, this rugged pack is likely a WWII Swiss Army doctor's rucksack. Made of genuine pony fur with leather base and straps, it is sure to prove the most exciting accessory in your wardrobe.

Fringe Jacket
Fringe has been used for decoration on even the most simple clothing dating back to Mesopotamia thousands of years before the common era. It is said that "fringe" was named so after Julian Fringe, a clothier in the 18th century who raved of its ability to swat flies. Fringe jackets are a staple of the American West and briefly entered mainstream fashion in the 1970s. One thing is certain, you've not seen a fringe jacket like this one, and you are unlikely to see another; this gorgeous jacket features an unusual green-cast and detailed bead work--a truly stunning piece.

Both in the “Quantity of One” section at Imogene + Willie.

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